About us

About me

My name is Paul-Vincent Sternkopf, luxury street fashion designer.

Even as a child, I was fascinated by tactical kit and military equipment. The functionality of tactical belts and bags has inspired me to develop my own designs and create a sophisticated fusion of fashion and utility. High-class materials, ultimate quality and sustainable production on a regional scale are my guidelines for every single product. I have the highest standards when it comes to functionality and processing. Utmost perfection is my aspiration. Nothing is left to chance.

I value personal connections with my suppliers and engage them in making my visions come true. From the yarn producer to the sewist, from the belt weaver to the stitching company. If an idea pops into my head – often in the middle of the night – I never stop before I am 100% happy with the solution.

Many items from my collection are groundbreaking in their design. Such as the combination of highly reflective materials and luminescent elements with high tensile strength outdoor COBRA® safety buckles produced by the market leader AustriAlpin. I create signature streetwear that unites fashion with the demands of tactical kit. Redefining luxury as engineered utility streetwear, handmade in Germany.


My Inspiration

Nights in the city. Pulsating life, thrilling vibes. Hip-hop blasting out from the depths of the clubs. Flashes of light sear the darkness, charged with a mysterious energy that ignites in the inexorable events of the night.

Here we come full circle with my second source of inspiration: Mathematics, which tells us so much about our world. As a student of maths I know: So many things that make our lives seem mysterious can be explained by means of physics and maths. But let the mysteries be mysteries and let's enjoy the myths the universe is hiding. I want my products to give you a glimpse of how many things the world reveals if we give it the chance to manifest its secrets.

A lot of my ideas are rooted in the military sector. Contrasting the tactical field, where camouflage and invisibility are paramount, I like to combine functional features with highly reflective materials. Illuminative effects have always mesmerized me – after all, they are reminiscent of the mysteries of the nocturnal world. Like twinkling stars invigorating the raven skies of the night. The beam from a

lighthouse breaking the gloom of the seas. Or the traffic lights guiding our way through the jungle of nights in the city.


The Spark

The city is my playground. Hip-hop is my fuel. The universe my source of inspiration. Out-of-the-box ideas make your life simpler and max out your fashion factor. They set your life alight, adding the ultimate spark of urban style.


The Design

To me, design and function are inseparable. As a designer who draws his inspiration from the tactical sector, function naturally comes first to me. In terms of functionality I will not tolerate compromise. Only the best is good enough for my vision and your look.


The Process

When it comes to selecting the right materials, I am an out-and-out perfectionist. I will only accept the best. And I will spare no effort to find it. I travel to the production sites, test, alter, discuss, refine, stay close and refuse to rest until I get exactly what I want.


The Pieces

Highly engineered in Germany. From the very best materials. Hand-sewn locally by people who know what it takes. Who instinctively feel what matters to you: authenticity, multifunctional features, street credibility with a shot of laid-back luxury.


My Partners

I work exclusively with partners who share my high standards. I know my suppliers personally, I talk to them, engage with them – after all, I want them to not only understand my vision but share it. I’m lucky to live in a region, here in the heart of Germany, where authentic craftsmanship is still alive and well.


Fair Wear

Sustainability, short distances, regional networks, respectful and fair dealings with all my suppliers. Materials that do no harm to animals, people or our environment. These factors are essential to me in the production of my gear. I scrutinize the origins of fabrics and materials as well as the living and working conditions of all those involved in the process. To make sure each aspect of my business is conducted fairly and responsibly.